The solar powered car ventilation is the original solar-powered ventilator that silently and efficiently helps rid your vehicle of hot, stale and stuffy air, even on scorching summer days!


While your windows remain securely closed, the solar powered car vent eliminates hot air and odors from your vehicle and replaces it with fresh air from the outside, ultimately reducing the interior temperature of the vehicle. Auto Air Ventilation exchanges the air inside your vehicle approximately every 20 minutes.

Since the Auto Air Ventilation runs directly on natural, FREE solar energy, there is no drain on your vehicle's battery and no batteries to replace or recharge.

Installation is easy! Simply attach the included weather proof fitting strips to the Auto Air Ventilation, place the Auto Air Ventilation on top of the window edge and roll the window closed - that's it!

The Auto Air Ventilation helps preserve and protect your vehicle's interior, valuable stereo and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat build-up. Auto Air Ventilation also assists in reducing the strain on your air conditioning system during start-up.



Amazing Features



  • Blows hot air out of parked car
    Solar Powered – Needs no battery 
    Fits any car window
    Size : Fan : 15 ( L ) x 11 ( W ) x 5.5 ( H ) cm
    Belt : approximately 80cm


What this Product won't do


This is not an air conditioner, it is a ventilation system, and it will reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle, but not cool it (like an air conditioner would). The system will not work with cars whose windows are dark tinted, nor will it work well on cloudy days.

For this to work well, you need two packs of this device, and for that reason, we’ll be giving two packs of this device for the price of one just to make sure you get the desired results.


But that’s not all, if you order today, you are also getting GPS LOCATOR

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GPS LOCATOR, helps to track people, cars or assets in real time. Always know what is going on at anytime, anywhere. GPS LOCATOR with the built-in SIM card Worldwide GPS Tracker allows you to monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and track anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates.

Whether you’re watching the movements of loved ones when you’re not around, guarding expensive items against theft, or monitoring your delivery drivers’ routes, the GPS LOCATOR gives you the reliable, real-time tracking performance you need.

​Use GPS LOCATOR for any tracking purpose! Don’t spend too much time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced, and/or lost items. GPS LOCATOR will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most important items track your precious things in real-time, alerting and sending notifications through text.
GPS LOCATOR location is accessible on any Android or iPhone


  • Mini size, easy to carry and use.
  • Strong magnetic, convenient to use.
  • Suitable for car, children, elderly people, valuables bag, etc
  • Rechargeable, strong magnetic adsorption, record-able, anti-lost positioning for elderly children
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model: GF-07
  • Memory: No memory (M)
  • GPS positioning: Accuracy 500 (m)
  • Battery type: Polymer Battery life 36hrs
  • Waterproof function without antenna type GNSS
  • External power supply form built-in power interface
  • Text Chinese English type portable
  • Charging input: AC110 - 220V50/60Hz
  • Charging output: DC5.0V 300-500mA
  • Machine battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-ion battery
  • Standby time: 12 days
  • Working time: 4-6 days
  • Expansion card: Mini TF card
  • Continuous call: 150-180 minutes
  • Network standard: GSM/GPRS
  • GPRS: upload60, TCP/IP
  • Working voltage: 3.4 - 4.2V DC 16 s
  • GSM positioning time: 25 seconds
  • Basic parameters: Frequency band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
  • Type: GPS Battery
  • Capacity (mAh): 400mAh
  • Working Time: 4 - 6 Day Package
  • Standby Time: 12 DaysA


Know where your Loved ones or Precious things are
The GPS LOCATOR is there for you and your family when you need it most. Slip it in a backpack to ensure that your child makes it to and from school safely, or place it in your teen driver's vehicle to monitor speeding & safe driving.
Easily locate and recover lost or stolen items


Isabella, Lekki, Lagos

This tracker is SO easy to use, and their support department is fantastic! I was able to track my cheating husband to his girlfriend's house, then to every restaurant he spent OUR money on her (which will become important later in court---won't he be surprised!) The accuracy was impressive, I could even tell what parking space he was in.

Christabel, Lagos

I purchased the GPS LOCATOR with suspicion of my husband’s activity and thanks for the GPS LOCATOR I was correct, it was a great device and works amazing, I highly recommend it.

John, Port Harcourt

I did A LOT of research before purchasing this device. It is without question the best for the money.

Sylvester, Kadun

This is an excellent device, accurate reliable and works great. I found the device and to be way better than all the other GPS trackers. I had few questions and customer service was great.

GPS tracking devices provide route optimization

Safety from theft
When thieves know that vehicles are being tracked by tracking devices and that they have the chance of being caught then they tend to move on to another vehicle. GPS tracking devices work to deter thieves and in the event that your fleet vehicle is stolen give you a means to recover your vehicle and reduce potential losses.
Fast recovery of stolen vehicle
Improved productivity and fewer calls to drivers

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Two Ventilation system

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